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Date: Friday, April 29th, 2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
anissu: ([Ouran] Hikaru >> Finding.You)
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Hi, I venture forth from [community profile] addme! >.> I know I could have posted on your entry there, but the douchebaggery from that other guy just irritated me.

Anyhow - I adore dogs, I recently graduated from college in Medical Transcription, I'm an aunt to one niece (though being the youngest child I never really knew how to handle young children), I live in New York (state, not city xP I don't think I could stand living in too large of a city), and I've been told I have a trucker's mouth from both my parents and my brother (even though at the time being told my brother was a truck driver xD).

I'm honestly not a big movie buff and it could take me years to finally watch a TV series, but I love music.

I can have a tendency to rant in my journals, but I post about what I'm excited about, what happened during my day, and whatever kind of meanders through my mind at the moment. I still use my Livejournal as well, but mostly I cross post from Dreamwidth entries and then reply to whoever comments over there. xD

Add? <3


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